Professional Negligence Cases

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE action in which plaintiff sought damages from her provider for a FACIAL BURN caused by a laser treatment administered by nurse practitioner. Plaintiff’s damages included claims for emotional distress, anxiety and depression over the appearance of a facial scar.

Settled MEDICAL MALPRACTICE/WRONGFUL DEATH case brought by parents against doctor for alleged negligence in OVER PRESCRIBING OPIATES to their 28 -year old son, who died of an apparent overdose. Parents claimed that son’s doctor breached standard of care in failing to appropriately monitor the controlled substances he was prescribing. Plaintiff also argued that physician should be held liable for treble damages under statute directed at drug dealer liability.

Settled MEDICAL MALPRACTICE case against surgeon and physician’s assistant after complications following surgery to repair ANKLE FRACTURE. Plaintiff claimed doctor’s conduct fell below standard of care in performing surgery and in conducting follow up care, resulting in need for second surgery and a longer recovery time.

Settled MEDICAL MALPRACTICE case for brain injuries sustained by newborn resulting from allegations of failure to diagnose a particular condition at birth.

Settled MEDICAL MALPRACTICE pre litigation claim for alleged brain damage and emotional distress to child and mother resulting from allegedly incorrect pharmaceutical prescription.

Mediated DENTAL MALPRACTICE case relating to alleged failure to diagnose and properly treat decay and other conditions.