Personal Injury Cases

AUTO ACCIDENT case in which plaintiff sought damages for post concussive syndrome and related transformed migraine syndrome. Defendant disputed causation of these damages, as well as alleged dental injuries resulting from the accident. Issues included discussion of mechanism of injury and diagnosis of concussion without external trauma.

AUTO ACCIDENT case wherein plaintiff was a passenger and claimed to have suffered a concussion with significant and continuing residual effects. Plaintiff's damage analysis was based on a theory of aggravation of pre-existing SOMATIC SYSTEM DISORDER, (SSD) WHERE SHE GENUINELY BELIEVES SHE SUFFERED A TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY. Plaintiff alleged manifestation of physical symptoms caused by her diagnosed SSD. Also claimed were consequential damages to future career opportunities.

BICYCLE ACCIDENT /PREMISES LIABILITY case against PUBLIC ENTITY for alleged defects in storm drain which plaintiff claimed caused bicycle tire to become wedged in storm drain grate. Case settled against public entity and construction company that installed drain and grate.

Settled TRIP AND FALL case which alleged DEFECTIVE SIDEWALK resulting in hazardous condition to pedestrian. Negotiations included dispute between City and adjacent property owner regarding ownership of trees which allegedly caused defect in sidewalk, and responsibility for maintaining sidewalk in safe condition. Plaintiff sustained injuries to ankle and knee with claims of residual problems.

Mediated case alleging MILD TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY after plaintiff was involved in altercation with security guard in a nightclub. Issues raised included ASSAULT and EMPLOYMENT/CONTRACTOR STATUS. In addition, COVERAGE questions were addressed.

Settled case for CIVIL BATTERY with allegations of resulting emotional distress after altercation between woman and man who had a prior romantic relationship.

Settled WRONGFUL DEATH case for family of 98 YEAR OLD decedent who died from injuries sustained in accident between truck and decedent on MOTORIZED SCOOTER. Seven figure settlement was obtained on behalf of widow and five adult children. Decedent’s ADVANCED AGE and possible COMPARATIVE FAULT added to difficulty of settlement.

Personal injury action for TRAUMATIC AMPUTATION of finger by horse bite. Plaintiff alleged that both the horse owner and the ranch were NEGLIGENT and/or STRICTY LIABLE when a horse bit off the end of plaintiff's finger while under defendants' care and control. Issues included evaluation of whether owner knew or should have known that horse exhibited dangerous propensities.

Settled HIGHLY EMOTIONAL PREMISES LIABILITY case brought by building tenant who SLIPPED AND FELL on recently waxed floor in her place of business. Plaintiff’s particular emotional and physical status resulted in high damage claims, and made settlement challenging.

Settled PREMISES LIABILITY case brought by 97- year old resident of ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY for injuries claimed when automatic door malfunctioned and closed on her, causing her to fall. Plaintiff claimed that her injuries caused a dramatic decline in her quality of life. Analysis involved evaluation of life care plan for a person of ADVANCED AGE.

Settled PREMISES LIABILITY case for trip and fall on CRACK IN SIDEWALK owned by City and maintained by local business. Plaintiff claimed that injuries to her face and eye resulted in PERMANENT DISFIGUREMENT requiring plastic surgery.

Settled MOTORCYCLE V. AUTO case in which plaintiff claimed that injuries to his hand effectively ended his career as a musician. Damage computation was hotly contested as speculative, and plaintiff claimed to have suffered severe emotional trauma.

Settled auto accident case in which plaintiff collided with defendant’s DISABLED VEHICLE that was stopped in center divider of highway. Disputed liability focused on whether plaintiff should have seen stalled car and avoided impact.

Obtained seven figure settlement for TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY in SLIP AND FALL case where plaintiff hit his head on concrete during an altercation. Issues involved blood alcohol content, use of excessive force in self-defense, and whether incident took place in COURSE AND SCOPE of defendant’s employment.

Settled WORKPLACE ACCIDENT case in which a window washer sustained serious injuries after a fall. Addressed issues of employer compliance with safety regulations, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR relationship and licensure requirements.

Settled BICYCLE ACCIDENT case in which cyclist was hit by elderly motorist. Issue of damages was challenging because of plaintiff’s use of alternative therapies.

Settled AUTO ACCIDENT case involving UBER DRIVER and off duty police officer in which lost income claim presented unique challenges.

Settled AUTO ACCIDENT case where issue of AGGRAVATION OF PRE EXISTING CONDITION caused more significant injuries than otherwise would have been expected.

Settled SLIP AND FALL in grocery store in which elderly customer claimed store should be held to stricter standard due to layout and nature of displays.

Settled PREMISES LIABILITY case involving slip and fall outside of RESTAURANT AND BAR. Issues involved responsibility for maintenance of beach area within city’s jurisdiction.

Settled case for CIVIL BATTERY with allegations of resulting emotional distress after altercation between woman and man who had a prior romantic relationship.