Susan Feder brings a creative, flexible and effective approach to conflict resolution.

What I Do Whatever it Takes

I tailor my approach to each situation. I listen carefully to find the best path to success. I come well prepared for the case at hand. When necessary, I follow up relentlessly. I engage with the parties, as well as with counsel, to discover any hidden issues fueling the dispute. I am optimistic and keep a positive attitude. I work hard before, during and after the mediation to obtain the best results.

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Representative Cases Getting Results

Personal Injury

Mediated case alleging MILD TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY after plaintiff was involved in altercation with security guard in a nightclub. Issues raised included ASSAULT and EMPLOYMENT/CONTRACTOR STATUS. In addition, COVERAGE questions were addressed. more


Settled MEDICAL MALPRACTICE/WRONGFUL DEATH case brought by parents against doctor for alleged negligence in OVER PRESCRIBING OPIATES to their 28 -year old son, who died of an apparent overdose. Parents claimed that son’s doctor breached standard of care in failing to appropriately monitor the controlled substances he was prescribing. Plaintiff also argued that physician should be held liable for treble damages under statute directed at drug dealer liability. more


Settled contentious NEIGHBOR DISPUTE involving claims of TRESPASS, NUISANCE, ASSAULT AND BATTERY, PROPERTY DAMAGE, and allegations of violations of the RALPH ACT, by both parties against each other. The litigants were particularly entrenched in their positions, and the five year dispute contained many complex and emotional layers.. more


Settled FAMILY DISPUTE between widower and adult children of late wife centering on home owned by children. Issues involved clams of EVICTION, VIOLATION OF PRIVACY, and EMOTIONAL DISTRESS by widower. more


Settled BREACH OF CONTRACT case arising out of PARTNERSHIP DISSOLUTION. Partners had been engaged in the rodeo business, and the dispute involved issues of reimbursement of profits, collection of sponsor fees, and division of rodeo equipment and other assets.


Settled WORKPLACE SEXUAL HARASSMENT claim by young employee who alleged inappropriate conduct by direct MANAGER. Employer claimed it acted appropriately and terminated manager once circumstances were reported by employee. Damages were claimed for EMPLOYEE’S EMOTIONAL DISTRESS. more

News The Latest

Susan Joined Panel of Volunteer Mediators to Work with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH)

By Susan Feder | April 29, 2019

In March 2019, Susan joined a panel of volunteer mediators to work with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) and help resolve claims filed with DFEH for alleged employment and housing violations.

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susan feder intallation dinner

Susan Feder – President-Elect of the Marin County Bar Association

By Susan Feder | February 21, 2019

In February 2019, Susan was sworn in as President-Elect of the Marin County Bar Association. She is looking forward to beginning her presidency year in Jan. 2020.

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New Law Providing Informed Consent To Mediation

New Law Providing Informed Consent To Mediation

By Susan Feder | February 21, 2019

The new code section requires all attorneys to obtain their clients’ written acknowledgment confirming that the client understands…

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Testimonials What People Say

“[Susan] did an amazing job bringing both sides together and getting this difficult matter settled”.

-Defense counsel in PI case.

“Thanks for all the grit, determination and stamina. You’re at the top of our list for mediations and referrals to colleagues.”

-Defense counsel in business dispute involving former partnership.

“Thank you so much for your extraordinary assistance. I have done many hundreds of mediations, but have never encountered anyone with your skill set and dedication. I will recommend you to anybody who will listen!”

-Plaintiff counsel in business dispute involving former partnership.

“Susan, you were fantastic yesterday .. we are spreading your name around to our firm and our friends.. thanks for spending to time to get to know (my client) and his family”

-Plaintiff counsel in personal injury case alleging traumatic brain injury from assault.

"I recently took on a case that had challenges on liability, causation, damages, and client control. The defense knew it. This was not a recipe for success, but I believed in the case, and knew that the right neutral at the right time could help achieve a fair result. Susan Feder was the perfect choice. Her persistence and creativity created the breakthroughs that allowed the case to not just resolve, but to achieve an excellent result for my clients. Maybe even more importantly, Ms. Feder found ways to reassure my clients that they were being truly “heard,” and had a voice in the mediation process. In the end, my clients were able to walk away happy with the result AND happy with me. I look forward to working with Ms. Feder again.”

- Plaintiffs’ counsel in premises liability case

"Susan’s expertise, intelligence, humor and commitment were the key to bringing both sides together in what seemed like an impossible feat. She worked tirelessly to eventually forge a settlement, which was most impressive. Susan was terrific and her tenacious efforts were most admirable; our number one ‘go to’ mediator!"

- Los Angeles area plaintiff’s counsel in medical malpractice case.

"Susan is an extremely effective mediator who obtains highly satisfactory outcomes for embattled litigants. She is intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, and ethical. Susan has superb people skills and works hard to help the parties achieve a settlement. Her optimism helps the parties enjoy the process and feel good about their resolution."

- Bay Area retired supervising judge

"Susan Feder has the admiration and respect of those who know her. Her combination of intelligence, common sense and people skills is exactly what mediation needs."

- Bay Area plaintiff’s personal injury counsel and law school mediation professor.

"Your persistence and grace under pressure were appreciated, and because of your approach we were able to settle this matter right before trial. I am happy to recommend your mediation services in the future!"

- Bay Area plaintiff’s counsel in construction defect and personal injury case

"Susan continued to work with the parties while discovery progressed. She was invested in the process, knew the issues and was committed to achieving a fair result. Susan reached out to the parties at regular intervals despite being told over and over that the case was not going to resolve. Susan ultimately proved us wrong by settling the case via phone two weeks before trial. It was a great result and I would absolutely use her services again."

- Bay Area insurance counsel in product defect subrogation action.

“Thanks for doing a great job, with a really fine result for our plaintiff clients.  You have a real talent for listening and great emotional intelligence. I recommend my team of lawyers use you for future cases.” 

-SF Plaintiff lawyer in Landlord tenant dispute

“Susan did an excellent job navigating a complicated family dynamic to reach a settlement for my client. She was persistent and impressive in her follow up efforts with both sides. I look forward to mediating with her again soon!”

-Plaintiff counsel in premises liability case

“Thank you, Susan, for a great job on our tenant habitability suit!”

-Plaintiff counsel in landlord tenant case

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